Dental Care Tips For Halloween

Dental Care Tips For Halloween

Dental Care Tips For Halloween

Candy, spooky decorations and parties are all great parts of Halloween. However, they can cause damage to your teeth. Here are some dental care tips for Halloween.

What You Shouldn't Eat

Candy and other sugary foods can cause cavities and damage your teeth, so it's best to avoid these treats entirely. If you do choose to consume something sweet, such as candy or chocolate, make sure you brush your teeth as soon as possible to wash away any sugar and bacteria left on your smile.

In addition to consuming candy and chocolate, you should steer clear of foods that are too hard or sticky. These foods can be more difficult for your mouth to break down, which can cause damage to your teeth and cause painful toothaches. Hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods are also more likely to get stuck in between teeth, which can lead to discomfort and a buildup of plaque and bacteria. Candies with nuts can also be problematic because the nut shells can damage the braces. Caramels and other sticky candies can leave plaque on the teeth as well, so stay away from those if you want to preserve your dental health!

If you're attending a Halloween party this year, try to stay away from these types of treats or at least limit your consumption. It's also a good idea to avoid hard alcohol and instead stick to water or non-alcoholic beverages. Water helps rinse away food particles and sugar from the mouth, which can help to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

How to Protect Your Teeth

While you might eat all kinds of candy and treats on Halloween, it's even more important to brush your teeth after eating all of that sugar. In fact, brushing after you eat sweets is important all year long! Sugar feeds bad bacteria in your mouth and increases plaque buildup.

After you're done eating your sweet treats, make sure to brush for two minutes each time with a fluoride toothpaste that fights tooth decay. Choosing one that contains xylitol will help further protect your teeth from cavities. Flossing is always important as well since it removes leftover food particles that your toothbrush can't reach.

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